Tips on How to Use Router Table Safely and Accurately

by Andrew Guy | Last Updated: July 26, 2022

It’s imperative to realize that router table is an essential woodworking tool for all the routing applications and like all other machines; it requires safety guidelines to follow while using it. I am a professional woodworker with a career span of 20 years but still I am extremely careful when I tend to work on a router table. It implies that there are possible dangers while working on a router table and any woodworker, either a pro or an amateur need to follow the safety guidelines to ensure that optimum safety measures are being followed while using a router table. So, there are certain tips that throw light on using the router tables properly to ensure a woodworker’s safety.

Tips on How to Use Router Table Safely and Accurately

If the woodworking projects are complex or even the simple ones, there is a need of following the safety guidelines to ensure maximum output along with the complete safety of a woodworker. Let’s take a look at the Tips to Make Use of router tables Safely. Also, look at these customer reviews for some of the best router tables for the latest information on the best products online.

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1. Read the Instruction Manual Carefully

First and foremost safety measure is to study the instruction manual of a router table thoroughly to get the in-depth detail about all the user guidelines. As there is the availability of different models of router tables in the marketplace, so it becomes all the more important to study the instruction manual over and again and refer to it while using the router table to ensure maximum safety. It is preferred that even the professionals should read the manual guidelines of a router table before trying their hand on a new one as every model is different from the other.

2. Use the Safety Gear

While working on a router table, it is utmost important to wear the safety gear to avoid unnecessary danger. The safety gear includes the glasses, gloves, dust mask; ear protection gear to make sure that complete safety is practiced while working on a router table. There is a need for keeping one’s hands and fingers safe while routing by wearing the safety gloves and make sure that the wood is completely secured on the table while routing to ensure utmost safety.

3. Access to On/Off Switch

It’s really important to know that while working on a router table, there is a need for accessibility to on/off switch. The reason lies here that if you encounter any problem during the use of a router table, then you must be able to put off the machine quickly to avoid any possible danger.

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4. Make Use of Right Direction while Routing

It is imperative to understand that a woodworker should always prefer to feed the wood pieces on a router from right to left direction. As the router bit operates in the anti-clockwise position, so it becomes imperative to feed the wood pieces in the direction of the working of a router bit to ensure maximum effectiveness.

5. Make Light Cuts

When you are routing the large edged profiles, then it is recommended to make the light cuts. This would help a woodworker to make sure maximum safety as if the woodworker tries to make the heavier cuts, then possibility of getting a dangerous kick back can’t be denied. So, a woodworker needs to make lighter cuts and try to keep the fence in the proximity with the router pass to ensure smooth flow of the wood pieces.

Hence, the Tips for Using the best Router Tables from Bosch Safely implicitly show the guidelines, which need to be followed by a woodworker to guarantee utmost safety. It is highly recommended to use these guidelines to make certain about safety of a woodworker with complete accuracy.