How to Build a Mail Box

by Andrew Guy | Last Updated: August 7, 2020

A stylish and sturdy mail box is an excellent way to compliment your home. It is also essential to receive letters and post, but buying does not always give you the look you want for your home, so the best choice is then to build a mail box. This guide outlines an inexpensive way to assemble a fashionable and good looking mail box, with some basic tools.



how to build a mail box
  • Timber: 1 x 2400mm x 190mm
  • 140mm dowel for hinges
  • Waterproof wood glue
  • 25mm galvanized nails
  • Post or fence mountings as required
  • House number and door knob
  • Finish or paint


Choose a durable timber such as a dressed pine that will handle the weather conditions. For the project you need to purchase 1 dressed pine plank that is 2400mm long x 190mm wide x 19mm high.


Measure, mark and cut the following pieces with a bench or handsaw. All pieces will have a height of 19mm.

how to build a mail box

Letter box plan, side view. Measurements in mm.


Now that you have your pieces, start by gluing and nailing the box ends and front to the box base ensuring that the box is square. You may need to use clamps when gluing. Separately glue the two parts of the roof together at the ridge with a butt joint, and strengthen with nails or screws.


While the roof is drying prepare the hinged door. Referring to image below, simply drill with a 6mm wood bit 50mm into each end of the door. Now drill the corresponding holes in the sides of the box 14mm down from the top. The center of the holes should be in the middle of the door piece so that the door will close flush with the letter box. Now fit the catch or latch of your choice to the door front.

attach door to mail box

Attach the door by driving the dowels a short distance into the door.


Now choose a finish that you will coat the inside and outside of the rood, both sides of the base, and the inside of the box.


Attach the door by driving the dowels a short distance into the door. It is a good idea to coat the dowel with glue before fully tapping them in. Place the roof base onto the box, then glue and nail into the box ends. Glue and nail the roof onto the roof base making sure that it sits squarely and leave to dry.


Now that the box is fully assembled, clean and sand then add at least two coats of your chosen finish. Once dry you can attach your house number and admire your home-made letter box.