Make Your Own Beard Oil

by Andrew Guy | Last Updated: August 24, 2020

So, by know you may have realized that there are only two types of people without beards, they are women and children. But, if like many a modern man (hint: metro man), you simply cannot get past growing the first few millimeters before it starts to itch too much, or perhaps even if you got it nice and long, you now have some episodes of incredible beard itch or beardruff(beard dandruff). Don’t worry. That is actually a very normal occurrence in most bearders. But what many of the happy bearders fail to tell you is what they do about it. Well, the solution is simple, it’s called beard oil, and it is used probably by 4 out of 5 bearders. You can read more tips on how to grow a beard on our guide on how to grow a beard. This guide however, is to help you conquer beard itch, and make beard softer.

Afrikaner Boer General Meyer Beard
General Meyer, Glorious Beard

This beard itch or beardruff can be attributed to various factors, for instance if you have a dry, sensitive or irritable skin type by genetics, or maybe even just because you live in a very dry climate, but relax, there is some easy tricks to be done to leave beardruff and beard itch behind as a thing of the past.

Beard oil is the answer, and it is as simple as applying a few drops to your damp towel-dried stubble or beard just after a shower, and viola! But where do we get beard oil? Simple, if you are internet savvy, as you may be by reading this right now… then just order some online, a quick Google search should provide you with many options to choose from. But if like me you are a REAL man, you like to do stuff yourself, and that way you can create your own perfect custom mix that works for you and compliments your manly scent. OK, here are the basics of beard oil.

Ingredients most commonly used are:

Then to add some scents the following are often used depending on your preference and that of your lady friend:

Alright, so which ones to use for your own? That is where it gets interesting, because that all depends on a few factors, like how long your beard is, how thick your hair is, how sensitive your skin is. So here is how to get started.

For the base oil, which will be used as the main ingredient in which all the others will be added, and it will also make up the majority of your beard oil mix.

For thick stubborn or rough beard hair, Argan Oil(Moroccan oil) is the perfect base to soften and condition those thick beard hairs, and it works like a charm, your fingers will even feel silky afterwards, therein you can mix in a possible skin soother if you have beardruff as well, like a Vitamin E oil, or some Tea Tree Oil(but this scent can be too strong for some) or even a bit of Jojoba Oil. Argan oil beard oil base is always a good start to make beard softer. After which, the only thing left is to scent the oil, but more of that later.

For lighter softer beard hair but a sensitive or irritable skin underneath, Jojoba Oil -which is the closest to our body’s own natural sebum oil- is the perfect base to get your hair in order, control the frizz and soothes the beard itch underneath. Jojoba oil beard oil base, will be for regular maintenance beard oil, or for guys with normal skin. Then if you really have a very sensitive irritable or allergy prone skin, Tea Tree Oil beard oil mix will work magic, but then remember that not much else can be done with the scent as Tea Tree Oil overpowers all other oil scents. Although some Orange or Citrus Oil can round the scent off nicely, and just ad a touch of Rosemary oil for a finish.

To scent your oil is a very personal preference as to what you want to smell like, and what you lady-friend likes to smell. Some like to smell like the woodsman or lumberjack they are. Some others like to smell like the pirate/sailor they are and others like to smell sweet to please the ladies.

For Pirate/Sailor scent, add in some Bay Rum essential oil, with maybe a touch of almond oil and coconut oil or possibly nutmeg and a very small touch of tea tree.

For the Lumberjack beard oil or woodsman beard oil scent, add in some Cedarwood oil, with some sandalwood oil, and if your are really rough, maybe some added coffee scent oil or tobacco scent oil will smack the manliness into you.

For the Sweetheart scent, add in some vanilla oil and possible some apple or orange oil for that sweet touch.

There you have it, the basics of mixing your own beard oils. There raw oils can often be bought at your local large scale pharmacy or a oil merchant in your area.

For me, the perfect lumberjack mix to help with my thick beard, but irritable skin with sometimes some eczema, and to add to my overall already rugged manliness I use a mix of 40% Argan Oil, 20% Jojoba Oil, 10% Vitamin E oil, 2% Tea Tree Oil, 3% Rosemary Oil, 5% Vanilla scent, 10% Cedarwood oil, 5% Sandalwood scent, 5% Apple scent oil.

Afrikaner Boer General Snyman Beard
General Snyman, Manly Beard

We hope this article was helpful. Get growin’ and keep it manly men!