Best Clothes for Tall Guys

by Andrew Guy | Last Updated: September 14, 2020

Short guys often claim to struggle with confidence and life, what they fail to understand, is that tall guys do too. Often when growing up, boys that are taller than the rest, feel more exposed and visible when entering a room or being between crowds, and struggle to build up self confidence. Whats more, when it comes to men’s fashion and clothing, tall guys are very badly catered for, with most of the top fashion brands only making shoes up to size US 11 and trousers up to a 30″ inner leg inseam, so finding the best clothes for tall men becomes quite a challenge.

Tall guys struggle to find long sleeve button shirts with sleeves long enough, hence why you will find most tall guys walking with their button shirt sleeves rolled up as a rule. The whole issue became even greater with the latest trend of skinny, tight fitting or tapered long trouser style going on, this has left many tall guys finding that these trouser are sometimes even mid-calf for them, which makes it look ridiculous.

Well, at 6 foot 6 and being at the top 1% of US men, and from a lifetime of being among the tallest in any group of guys or friends I find myself in, I have a fair bit of experience finding longer trousers, jeans and shirts that work with our tall bodies, and still look good. At the risk of possibly sounding vain, I have received a fair bit of compliments on my dress sense and style throughout my life from both male friends and girls, so I would think that I have mostly not only succeeded in finding clothes that are long enough, but also stylish enough to look good and timeless no matter the current trend or fashion at the time.

I also prefer to dress stylish, instead of fashionable, and yes, there is a difference. Here is my list of some of the best clothes for tall guys, and if you have quite a few of them, they can be combined in different variations for different occasions and styles:

What tall guys need to realize is, we do not need to worry about self confidence, as tall guys already naturally attract more attention from women than shorter guys (sorry short guys). Build you self-esteem mentally by knowing that you already get the first look or chance, now improve the rest of your appearance and offering through dressing well, and educating you mind to succeed.


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