Already Perfect: Perfection Needs Chaos

by admin | Last Updated: April 30, 2020

The world seems to be moving in an artificial, virtual, inorganic and produced direction.

Education is aiming for a virtual future, where face to face teaching and physical classrooms are replaced by virtual rooms and meeting between avatars.

Medicine has been taking the synthetic direction with drugs and medications for a while now. Everything from transplants to hormone replacements are now done with synthetic or manufactured alternatives.

Nutrition and food, has long been weighted towards ultra-refined, or processed replications of natural foods or flavors.

Even the metal industry has been moving to more synthetic polymers and produced alloys to prevent corrosion and patina.

Dating has been moving toward online chat rooms, virtual meeting spaces and dates as opposed to actual face to face encounters.

Churches are heading into the live-streaming broadcasts where pastors and priests are seen on screens instead of stages.

Yet people wonder why our immunity is suffering. Our suicide rates are increasing. Depression is on the rise. Allergies are now more common than ever before. Diseases wreak havoc faster than before.

The problem with aiming for what is called ‘perfection’ or ‘flawlessness’, is that the whole notion is flawed to begin with. It doesn’t exist. In reality that is. There is no such thing as a controlled environment, at least on the scale or perceptions we can comprehend.

AJ Deysel Organic Wins
AJ Deysel

We are organic, beings in and organic world to begin with. Give someone a flawless room to work in and live in, sooner or later he is going to scratch or mark it somehow.

The main realization the world has to make, is that, in the organic perceived ‘chaos’, perfection already exists. The chaos is needed for the perfect equilibrium ecosystem to function. No equilibrium exists and given enough time, every equilibrium goes out somehow, and luckily the chaos or organisms, and the nature of organic adaptation, alters to become the new equilibrium.

In essence, the equilibrium of the world is only perceived to be in equilibrium, because it is in fact, a constant changing environment, adapting and maintaining.

The COVID-19 pandemic is even more proof of this fact. Whilst scientists were struggling to find a cure, or produce and synthetic substance that could cure it, our organic, chaotic, natural immune systems already adapted and overcome it.

Luckily a large part of the world population has already realized this naturally, and so the divide is there, and is possibly heading into a split world or reality scenario. Many are favoring organic, grown or hand-made imperfect over synthetic, produced or virtually generated. In fact, the organic and imperfect is still seen mostly as more valuable and charged and paid higher for.

We chase perfection in health by sterilizing everything. Only to later realize, the unsterilized, dirty, provided the bacteria and probiotic cultures that was needed to bring and maintain the longed for health in the first place.

So go on, get dirty and let your kids play in the mud. Let them eat dirt in the garden as kids do and do not worry too much about washing hands (within reason). Get a real leather wallet, real leather boots and natural pair handmade denim Jeans.