About Us

Guy College, the place where guys learn to be men. The stuff your dad did, or should have taught you. The stuff you should teach your son.

Our generation of men have become soft, and mostly unable to help themselves with some of the most basic, masculine tasks. This can often be attributed to society and absent fathers, either for work or other reasons. Well fear no more our rugged dreaming, bearded hopefuls. We here at Guy College have started the World’s first and leading, school and library for learning the skills and skillsets required to be a man and to handle yourself.

Not only will the chicks dig you, but you will also become yours kids hero, and the king of your household.

Yeah, we don’t only live off the animals we hunt and the food we gather, we also enjoy modern stuff, gadgets and luxury, so we do make money from the site through various advertising and affiliate income links. We are open about that, and to read more about it, see here. But this site is and was not started as a means to make money at all, it purely started out of the deep desire to help men, especially after seeing so many guy struggle with confidence and mental health, and then seeing improvement in our own lives every time we improved an area of it, or learned a new life skills. The desire to help other guys, and share the ease with which a guy can actually build his confidence, self esteem, life skills, and enjoyment, just grew to the point where we HAD to create some platform to share it.

Yes GuyCollege.com is a business now, but only because we have to run it as such, in order to be able to afford our writers the time and income to be able to focus on researching the information, and writing the articles.